I am Natalia Volperte - an Integrative Psychotherapist.

What does this mean?

In my practice, I use an eclectic model, that connects all learned and studied psychotherapy methods, based on the needs of a client I work with at the moment. People are different and I try to find the most suitable for the client method that would allow me to be most effective and for the client to find the most comparable to him/her resolution.

I practice for over 20 years!

I work with families and couples, in individual therapy with both adults and children.
  • Education
    • University RNSO (Moscow, RF) - Sexologist
    • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (Moscow, RF) - Clinical Psychologist
    • Center for Systemic Family Therapy (Moscow, RF) - Systemic Family Consultant
    • Sigmund Freud University - Doctorate in Psychotherapy (Vienna, Austria) - Doctorate Candidate in Psychotherapy
    • Baltijas Starptautiskā Akadēmija Profesionālais maģistra grāds: profesiju (amatu) psiholoģijā psihologa kvalifikācija. Baltic International Academy - Professional Masters Degree in Psychology
    • Moscow Gestalt Institute and the Society of Practicing Gestalt Therapists "Gestalt-Approach" (Minsk, BR). Program: "Perfection in Gestalt-therapy" - Gestalt -therapist, supervisor, Group counselor
    • International Certification program of Institute of Sand Play Therapy Linda Fon Keizerlink (ISST) (Riga, LV) - Specialist in Yungean Sand Therapy of Riga Gestalt Institute (RGI) (Riga, LV) - Gestalt-therapist
    • Belarus State Pedagogical University of M. Tank (Minsk, BR) - Practicing Psychologist, Defectologist, Logotherapist
  • Additional Education
    • ICEEFT- CSST - Emotionally-Focused Therapy
    • CSST - Working with sexual dysfunction in a couple
    • CSST - Emotionally-focused therapy: working with infidelity in Russian-speaking couples
    • Centrs Vainode (Riga, LV) - Emotionally Focused couples therapy (a program of A. Chernikov)
    • Center of Relationship Psychology "Heart Dialogues" - Individual Emotionally-Focused therapy
    • RGI (Riga, LV) - Working with metaphorical association cards (Morits Egermeyer)
    • RGI (Riga, LV) - Gestalt-therapy and Psychopathology (Paris Gestalt School, Martin Masson)
    • RGI (Riga, LV) - Psychiatry for Psychotherapists (Scherbakov)
  • Work Experience
    • Group and Educational Training Supervisor - (2000)
    • Private Practice - (2008)
    • Specialist in Psychotherapy (Medical center "MFD Pardaugava, LV) - (2014)
    • Teacher/Instructor at Riga Gestalt Institute (2016) www.gestalt.lv
  • Professional Associations
    • European Psychotherapy Association (EAP)
    • European Gestalt Therapy Association (EAGT)
    • Latvian Gestalt Therapy Association (LGTA)
    • Latvian Psychotherapy Association (LPB)
    • International Organization of EFT-therapists (ICEEFT)
    • Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapists (AKPP)
    • Professional League of Psychotherapists (PPL)
    • Society of Emotionally-Focused Therapists (SEFT)
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